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GS Car Service & Auto repair 

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GS Car- services include:

Servicing Vehicles since 1999, We diagnose and service most makes and models of vehicles. Services provided are: Inspections, Oil Changes, Tire Installation, Tire Repair, Wheel Balancing, Automotive Computer Diagnostics, Batteries, Car AC repair, Brakes, Suspension, Wheel Alignment, Scheduled Maintenance.

Oil and filter changes:

An oil change from our certified technicians is a comprehensive maintenance service during which we carefully replace your vehicle’s oil, top off all other fluids, replace your oil filter, and inspect your engine for leaks.

Brake check and repair:

Are you hearing a nasty screech when you press the brake pedal in your car? Does it sound every time you need to slow down? Well, it may be time to change your brakes. 
From the brake pedal to hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder to power brake booster, drum brakes to disc brakes and electronic anti-lock brake sensors,
GS Carservice technicians know every part of your brake system inside and out and can perform brake repair on any make and model.

Steering, Suspension & Wheel Alignment:

GS Carservice has the latest diagnostic equipment and our technicians will determine the cause of your steering problems and get you back to effortless driving with steering repair and steering fluid flush services.

Proper wheel alignment helps your tires last longer, improves gas mileage, and provides safer handling. That’s what GSCarservice is all about – helping you get the most out of your car, for as long as you own it.

Tires For Sale & Tire Repair Service:

When you visit your GS Carservice, technicians will inspect, rotate, and balance your tires, as scheduled by your vehicle’s manufacturer. And when it's time to replace them, we will determine the correct size and kind of tire you need for the car and type of driving you do. Finally, we will make sure your new tires are properly installed.


Check Engine Light diagnostics & Engine Repair

Inspection and preventative maintenance.  

Battery and electrical repairs: